Thursday, November 10, 2011

Holiday Photo Shoot Inspiration

Looking forward to the Holiday Shoot coming up!  Busy Weekend with shoot and the trunk show!
Quick preview of upcoming shoot.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Latest Photo Shoot

Although we were facing some hectic storms, we had so much fun with our last shoot.  What started out as a horrible day in regards to the weather turned out to be perfect for the shoot,  which had a Garden Party theme. 

To see  more pics visit our website

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Beautiful Day for a Garden Party Photo Shoot!

Looking forward to our photo shoot today! See our inspiration below for this shoot, which will be highlighting the floral prints trend with powdery pastels and pops of bold color for a playful Garden Party theme

Some of the Key Pieces we will be featuring

Final pics to come!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Story Behind the Sign

An antique headboard can act as a great focal point in a room...well, it actually can act as the same thing in a landscaped front lawn...yes a headboard! Don't believe me?...I'll show you.

It all started with one creative idea...

We found this beautiful antique headboard at an Antique Mall in Kokomo, IN.

Now that we had the headboard, we needed to paint it white.
Just after one coat, I was getting excited.

The tricky part was actually finding someone who could place our logo onto the headboard. Easier said than done, right? Not according to Indy Quick Signs. ( They custom created the logo for us to fit right in the middle of the headboard.

On April 15 the sign was installed into it's proper place. I am really happy with how it turned out!! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
Still amazed? Wait until you see it in person! :)
Thanks for reading,

Happy Earth Week!

This past Saturday, April 16th, Redemption had a trunk show featuring eco-friendly designers/artists in celebration of earth month. The party was fun and full of spirit. Although it was cold and cloudy outside, it was the passion that the designers had for what the trunk show was really about that warmed our hearts.

Everyone that attended received a fun hand-made flower made of sticks and magazine pages that included a fact about the effects of disposing textiles and magazines into our landfills.

Maybe you didn't know but "2.5 million tons of textiles are thrown away each year adding to our landfills," this is roughly 70 lbs of clothing per person! This in fact could be so easily be avoided if people would donate their clothing. "Only 10 lbs of clothing are donated/recycled per person a year." When in fact, "95% of all textiles is considered recyclable or reusable."

Liz Alig Collection

Knowing these facts has really put things into perspective for me and creates me to have a lot of respect for those who are making a difference in their business' such as Liz Alig's 100% recycled clothing collection ( and Amber Davis' purses made out of recycled leather and eco-friendly canvas materials.

Design Your Own Handbag by Amber Davis

Canvas painted with a recycled leather strap

Overall, the trunk show was a great success! TheNewRadar, the social network for the socially conscious, said on his twitter: '"Whoever said you can't mix business with pleasure was in the wrong business." @RedemptionStyle - Trunk Show featuring eco-friendly designers.'!/theNEWradar

"What's the Buzz?" Natural honey made hand scrub

"Aspirational Living": antiques brought back to life

(For a full list and description of designers/artists please see the previous blog)

A special thanks to the designers and artista who participated and attended the trunk show. Also, thanks to everyone who came out in celebration and in support!

Krista Weber

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Earth Month Trunk Show

April is Earth Month…Let’s Celebrate!
Earth Month is all about creating environmental awareness. No better way than to have an event in celebration of those who are reducing their ecological footprint in their lives and business. On April 16, 2011 from 1-4 p.m., Redemption will be hosting a Trunk Show featuring six local artists/designers who are environmentally friendly. The event will be held at Redemption Boutique- 826 E. Westfield Blvd Indianapolis, IN 46220- located in Broad Ripple along the canal, across from Petite Chou.

Elizabeth Roney - Designer of Liz Alig

About Liz Alig:

We are a fashion label that was created to provide consumers with clothing that is fair trade, ethical, AND fashionable. We do this by creating fashion forward collections made out of 100% recycled materials and working with fair trade groups around the world to produce the clothing. Then we give back 10% of our sales to developing countries to promote skills training of women and street children.

Fair Trade:

All of our garments are produced using standards of fair trade which means that we not only pay a fair wage, but we purposely choose to work with groups in developing countries and low income communities to encourage their economic growth.

Recycled Fashion:

Each collection by Liz Alig is made from 100% recycled materials. This means that the fabric for our garments was previously anything from t-shirts to vintage dresses. We upcycle these garments and give them a new life by deconstructing them and making a completely new, fashion forward garment.

Spring Collection, photographer Ellen Jackson

Amber Davis - Redemption, featuring “Design your own Handbag” (

About “Design your own Handbag”:

Amber has been sewing since she was a little girl when her grandmother taught her. When she graduated, her only wish was to have her very own sewing machine and that is exactly what she got. Now, she continues to sew and make handbags all genres. Amber loves bringing old things to new life and cares about being resourceful so she started recycling gently used leather to use for her purses.

“Design your own Handbag” is completely customizable including options such as style type (ex. hobo, shoulder bag, clutch), material (ex. print or solid, leather or cotton), and embellishments (ex. flowers, clasps, studs, etc). Not to mention, the option of using recycled leather which not only looks great but also reduces waste in our landfills.

Hobo Bag with recycled leather

Amanda EstridgeAmanda Estridge Designs, featuring handmade jewelry

About Amanda Estridge Designs:

Amanda Estridge has been creating unique handmade pieces for over 12 years. Designs are inspired by the world’s own natural creations: seashell, turquoise, mother of pearl, coral and many other semi-precious stones.

Amanda Estridge started her jewelry making career while studying psychology at DePauw University. She applies creative talent to each individual’s personality to create one-of-a-kind wearable art.

Amanda Estridge Designs have been featured in Indiana’s Women’s Magazine as some of Indy’s “hottest trends” and featured in runway shows Miss Hawaiian Tropic, Indianapolis 500, Indy Rocks & many other shows across the state of Indiana.

Dignitary sightings wearing Amanda Estridge Designs: Betty Rutherford (Wife of Indycar driver), Sandy Andretti (wife of Indycar driver), Lynda Sayyah (recording artist/model), Angela Ganote (Reporter)

Custom design work is also available for special events.

Jen Barker & Michelle DittyBambu Salon, selling tickets for Aveda’s Walk for Water 2011 (

About Bambu:

We at Bambu are connecting beauty, environment and well-being. We believe in treating ourselves, each other and the planet with care and respect. Because we care for the world we live in, we at Bambu are working towards raising awareness and funds for the Hoosier Environmental Council and cleaner water ways. Join Bambu Salon and become a Water Warrior. We will be doing Hand Relief Treatments for donations as well as selling tickets for Aveda's Walk for Water.
Rita ZawiszaWhat’s the Buzz?, featuring all natural body scrub made from bee hives About What’s the Buzz?:

A colony of bees is home to 20,000-60,000 female bees who do all the work. These busy buzzing beauties produce a miraculous substance – honey - that has been used since ancient times for beauty and healing. What’s the Buzz Spa Scrub for Hands, Feet and Body is All Natural and will leave your skin soft and supple. Natural sea salt exfoliates the skin while the antimicrobial and moisture retentive properties of Indiana wildflower honey promotes healing and cell renewal…naturally. Gentle enough for all skin types.

Autumne Southard - Aspirational Living, taking discarded furniture and giving it new life (

Collection description:

Aspirational Living is a full-service design house offering lifestyling for the home, wardrobe and special events. Lifestylist, Autumne Southard, is debuting her first collection, Fathom at Redemption's Earth Month Trunk Show. Fathom is a collection of furniture and accessories that breathes new life into vintage pieces. Her inspiration was to understand the pieces potential for new life and give special details to their on-going existence. The collection is rooted in a color story of olive green, navy, and rust with touches of aqua, peony, and apricot. Autumne has hand-selected pieces that evoke glamour with a touch of curiosity.